The Florida Corvette Club’s Master Ambassador to the National Corvette Museum, 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101, 1-800-53VETTE (8-3883) is David Putz

Any questions you may have about the National Corvette Museum you can ask David at our monthly meeting, the last Tuesday of the month at Patio Grill 2900 S Orlando Dr. Sanford, Florida, or E-mail him through the Florida Corvette Club. Direct access to the National Corvette Museum is:

The Florida Corvette Club participates in the National Corvette Caravan every 5 years to the National Corvette Museum. 

The Florida Corvette Club also supports the National Corvette Museum by purchasing a Florida Corvette Club Banner which is displayed on a light post at the National Corvette Museum.

The Florida Corvette Club raised $15,000 for the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park across I-65 from the National Corvette Museum. The Florida Corvette Club’s one acre tract was parcel 56.

Our Master Ambassador sells $10.00 Raffle tickets for a new Corvette. In 2011 one of the tickets he sold won a Corvette.

Consider purchasing insurance for your car from the National Corvette Museum’s insurance program and probably have better coverage for a less money.

The Brick and Memorial Program

Membership in the National Corvette Museum ranges $50.00 a year for an individual membership to $1500.00 onetime payment for a lifetime membership. You can join on line at: