~ Encourage the preservation and public awareness of the Corvette nation.

~Provide a source of readily available technical knowledge, information and assistance in the  maintenance and operation of the Corvette.

~Provide and regulate competitive and social events for participating individuals

~Encourage careful, safe and skillful driving on public highways

~Contribute to and support local charities, organizations and families.


                              ~  AND ABOVE ALL SAVE THE WAVE!   ~



FCC was established by a group of Corvette enthusiast organized by Greg Carter as President, Jim Bott, Connie Carter, Susan Barton and Laura Theobald in 2001.   Our club grew at an exponential rate peaking at around 180 members in 2003. Currently we average about 90 members.




Our members are a diversified bunch of great people. But we all share a common interest, which

is of course, our Corvettes.


Based in the Orlando area, most of our members live in Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Lake and Volusia Counties but we do have some as far away as Alabama.  If you love your car as much as we love ours, why not stop by one of our meetings or activities and see how you can enrich

your Corvette experience.




Florida Corvette Club members are well known throughout Florida and in other states due to our participation with other Corvette clubs in organized functions.  We participate in local car shows and enjoy many social activities which include cruises, picnics, parties, dinners and weekend outings.  Members may participate in as many or few events as they wish







We caravan to various attractions in and around Florida and sometimes overnight.



We are invited to participate in various parades such as the Florida City Bowl, Veterans

Day parade and homecomings at local high schools



Drivers are given a set of instructions to follow to reach a certain point.  They are designed to

Be fun and challenge the skills of the driver and navigator. 



We enjoy dinner out and the chance to get to get together with our members once a month.



We support other car clubs in the area by attending their events and they ours.  Many members also attend other events such as Eckler’s Cruise-In’s. Bowling Green Corvette Museum & assembly plant and other major shows.



Many of our members like to shine up their vettes and show them off to the public.  We also attend other club’s shows as a group.



To join and start enjoying all the fun and camaraderie, just attend a regular club meeting and sign up.  You can download the club application form, complete and bring to one of our regular monthly meetings. Our meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month, meet socially for a meal the second Tuesday of each month and plan ‘road trip’ monthly. 



We have a after holiday party and a picnic in the spring.



We actively participate in the 5 year pilgrimage to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green,KY. The next caravan is scheduled for August 2019.



Our club actively supports various charities throughout the year and take special consideration during the holidays;




Many members are members participate via our master ambassador to the museum

With up-to-date news on corvette events and car shows and historical, technical and

Enhancing knowledge of Americas only true sports car.


Please check out our calendar at WWW.FLORIDACORVETTECLUB.COM for information on upcoming meetings and events.  We look forward to you joining us and hope you will choose to become a active participant.


FCC membership will provide you with many opportunities to share your passion with fellow corvette owners who are sure to become your close friends as well.  


We are first and foremost a social organization geared towards enjoying each other’s company and having fun with our very special cars.


Membership is open to any corvette owner and spouse (or significant other).



FCC is registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Florida and is governed by an elected board of directors.


Now that you have the car, we believe it is important to enjoy it and al that goes with owning ‘America’s Only True Sports Car!’ Owing a corvette of any model or year makes you eligible for membership.  Whether you join for the social events, local car shows, autocross or just want to hand out with corvette folks, you will treasure your membership.  FCC members from all walks of life, all drawn together by this special car.  Together we represent a great deal of knowledge about the car and are proud of our members’ technical knowledge of the various year models.


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